Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ending Post

Alas, as I am not the main author, without any authority to change any layouts or anything of the sort other than posting (the main authot was accidentally deleted) and have found this blog extremely unwelcoming and somewhat unprofessional, I have decided to start a new blog; this one was dedicated to The Crusaders Tale alone, but I though it was time to start Lord and Lady Production's official website (blog)!!!!! I ask you all to follow this and enjoy the updates on the films we will be producing! Thank you wall for following and I ask you to follow this new one!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Chess Master: The Queens Arena

Well, we think we've got our next production! First, Next year we will finish The Crusader's Tale, which will not be one of our best production, then onto the next, The Chess Master: The Queens Arena!!!! A story of a Skinner, which is a spy for the Americans,in the American Revolution who recently solved a case and was promoted to Captain in the Continental Army. He now assists General Daniel Morgan in escaping from Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his Cowboys, which are spies for the British. It will probably be about forty minutes long but it will be one of our better productions. It will probably be the second part of a series.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2

We have completed the last fight scene of the movie! It was not what I imagined simply because I am not a professional Screen play director and we wern't able to choriograph the fights properly. But it turned out to be good enough. The last fight is when Godfrey de Aurnaud digs up the grail (his father burried it) and it is almost stolen by the bad guy, Sir Baldwin of the Masonic Knights. Godfrey says to him, "You'll not touch it!" and they get into a sword fight in which Godfrey throws Baldwin to the ground and Baldwin calls a hidden archer who hands the bow to Baldwin. Baldwin then says he can't kill Godfrey because he gave him his life in the recent battle (which we filmed a few days ago). They then make terms that Sir Baldwin will never attack the church again.

The filmer

The Holy Grail

Roll 'em!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First scene filmed of the new story of the Crusader's Tale!

Yes! Four days ago we filmed the very first scene of the new story of the Crusader's Tale! And we even flew in an actor to play the part of Sir Baldwin! (sort of) And then yesterday and today we completed the big fight! Godfrey and Macar de Aurnaud vs. Baldwin and his three minions of the somewhat dishonorable order of the Masons! It was done well enough to be called, Well done indeed!
And tommorow we shall finish Baldwin's parts with the fight between Godfrey and the said Masonic Knight. And during the fall, I and the cast shall do our greatest endevour to finish TCT (The Crusader's Tale) and edit it during the winter, and it shall come out next fall at the latest (in case the filming is not completed during the fall this year. Roll 'em!


Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ibelin sword

Yes! I have done it. I have made the sword which has been my favorite for some time. Namley, the sword of Ibelin, and for a good freind of mine, I have made a sword named, "The Phantom".

A new poster with the swords

Close up of the crosses on the crosspiece of The Phantom

The hilt of the Phantom

The Phantom from the blade up

The pommel of The Phantom

"Vires" (wisdom)

"Sapientia" (Strength)

"Justicia" (justice)

(left to right) The Ibelin, The Phantom, The stunt sword of Ibelin

The pommel of The Ibelin

Stunt and real Ibelin

The Ibelin and Stunt again

Godfrey of Ibelin and the Ibelin (I know. I look fat)
The blade
The Pommel of the Ibelin

The hilt of the Ibelin

Godfrey again

The Stunt hilt

Cool picture

Lots of random shots

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scene Two

Off Tokyo Bay

Dameon: Captain Gabriel Mellino, one of the feared sea captains of America, was given a mission much unlike the other Naval commanders. Between Nova Scotia there was a ship, I will not state why because it would take much longer story than this, which was destroying our ships whenever it could.

The Mon-key is sailing away from two other ships.

Captain Gabriel looks back at the ships.

Gabriel: There getting closer!

Man 1: We’ll never beat them in spead!

Gabriel: No, but we’ll go down with colors flying! (Runs to rail) Come on ya dirty pigs! Get the cargo off board! Pick up speed! Pick up speed! Get all unnecessary cargo over the side! (He jumps onto the rail and sees them catching up and a ship behind them) The British ship comin’ close and there’s another behind them! Head for Scotland! It should be safe right now!

They sail there and all begin to load the cannons.

Gabriel: Fire on the leader! Scott! Do you think we can take both?

Scott: Maybe.

Gabriel: (Grabs the helm) Load the guns on larboard side too! Aright boys! Were at long range! Hull guns! Fire on the ships’ bow!

Before he can go he notices the second ship, The Montana Ricer, open fire on the British ship.

The men begin to cheer and start firing.

British captain: Fly from here! Fly!

David: Teach ‘im how to fly! (Laughs)

The men aim a swivel gun and he goes flying in the air.

Fight decided by director.

The ship begins to sink.

David goes aboard the Mon-Key.

Gabriel: What’s goingon! Eh!? You’re supposed to be on the Qar-Zin!

David: Well it seems that Dameon took this ship and gave it to me.

Gabriel: Well, Captain David eh?

David: Aye! That’s it!

Gabriel: Nice strategy.

David: Aye. Aye it was.

Gabriel: I was beginning to wonder if ya could actually plan when it counts.

They look at each other angrily.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scene II

Scene 2

The Battle of the Qar –Zin*


The Qar-Zin sails off Massachusetts.

Smithis standing on the Crow’s Nest.

Smith: Ahoy below deck! Off the Starboard bow!

Barton: Where?

Smith: Starboard man!

Barton: (Looks through Telescope) It’s the fiends! (Ducks a cannonball) It’s a British warship man!

Smith: (Slides off the Crow’s nest) Mr. Barton, better call the captain.

Mr. Barton: Aye sir!

Captain Dameon John Mellino climbs puts on his vest.

He opens the closet door and looks at three different kinds of swords: A saber, a rapier, and a captured cutlass. He takes the saber.

Gunnery Captain Anthony Michael Mellino puts on a sword.

Dameon takes a brace of pistols and puts it on.

He puts on his coat.

Lieutenant David Gabriel Mellino puts on a hatchet and knife and a pistol.

Dameon ties the strings on his shirt and tucks them in.

David puts on his boots and grabs his hat as he goes out of the cabin.

Dameon decides not to wear his glasses.

Anthony puts on his coat.

Dameon looks in the mirror and puts on his hat.(this is the first time you seehis face)

They walk out on deck.

Anthony: (Goes to the right side of where he came out) Ready the guns!

David follows Dameon who heads towards the helm.

Dameon: Smith, report.

Smith: British man-o’-war off the starboard bow.

Dameon: Mr. Barton!

Mr. Barton: Aye!

Dameon: Beat to quarters. (Barton yells the order to the drummer who begins) Mr. Caron!

Mr. Caron: Aye sir!

Dameon: The lead if you please.

Dameon: Mr. Parker!

Parker: Aye!

Dameon: Get the swivel guns up front firing and clearing off there deck. Anthony! Be ready to fire at my command! Mr. Crisping!

Crisping: Yes sir!

Dameon: Get me alongside a pistol shot.

Anthony: Why not open fire now?

Dameon: Be ready to fire when I say.

Anthony: (Angry) Smith, be ready to fire.

The crew is running around preparing for battle.

Dameon takes the helm.

They get close to it.

David draws a hatchet.

They get closer.

Mr. Caron: Ten-knots sir!

Dameon: (To David) That’s good. I want more.

David: Why?

Dameon: (Looks at the sky) That’s why.

David looks up and sees gray clouds.

Dameon: Mr. Parker!

Mr. Parker: Aye!

Dameon: Fire on the right side of that ship! Get her to head away from us and out to sea!

Mr. Parker: Aye sir!

The British ship turns and fires a broadside.

Dameon: Drop!

Men duck the broadside.

David: ((to Dameon) Looks like we can’t head out to sea!

Dameon: Alright boys get ready! Steady men! Steady!

They get closer.

Dameon: Steady!

They get closer.

Dameon: Fire!

The cannons go off.

Dameon: Kill the men but leave the ship as unscathed as possible.

Men: Aye!

Dameon watches the battle while firing a swivel gun.

He sees David swing to the other side.

Dameon: David! (Aims the swivel)

David begins to fight with a boarding axe and a sword.

Fight decided by director.

Dameon sees men running towards David.

He fires and kills most of them.

David looks back angrily.

Dameon solutes.

David swings back angrily.

Dameon: Its blades now!

Men: Aye!

Dameon: (silently) By my beard we’ll go down fighting.

David: I... have a beard.

Dameon: Well then I’ll go down by yours– without them– Whatever! Move out!

They all draw swords.

They climb the rails and board the other ship.

Five minute fight decided by director.

Dameon: Anthony!

Anthony runs to him.

Dameon: Get to the helm with five men and fight from that side.

Anthony: Aye sir.

He prepares to do so.

David cuts down two men with his axe and sword.

Dameon shoots four men.

David kills three more. He looks up and sees Anthony’s men preparing to attack.

Three men prepare to fire with muskets.

A fourth draws a sword.

David runs there.

Officer 1: Present!

David reaches them in time.

Twenty-second Fight decided by director.

Anthony: (Solutes David and then says to men:) Attack!

The swing and attack.

The battle goes on.

Two minute fight decided by director.

Anthony runs to the first mate.

Anthony: Sound the surrender.

Officer 2: Good luck at that!

Anthony: Aye!

One minute fight decided by director.

Anthony gets the sword from the man’s hand and grasps it.

Anthony: Sound the surrender!

First mate: Raise the white flag and blow surrender.

One man raises the white flag and another blows the tune of surrender of the trumpet.

The crew looks at him and stops.

Dameon walks to the helm.

He outstretches his hands.

Dameon: Victory!

The men cheer.

Dameon: Well done men! Well done! You've proved yourself to be American seamen! You've done me proud! I’ll tell ye what I'm going to do with this fine speciman of English warships, This ship is now under the command of Captain David Mellino!

The men begin to cheer as David goes up the stairs in shock.

Mr. Parker: Three cheers for Captain David Mellino! Hip! Hip!

Men: Hurrah!

Mr. Parker: Hip! Hip!

Men: Hurrah!

Mr. Parker: Hip! Hip!

Men: Hurrah!

The Qar-Zin is sailing away.

Dameon: Farewell Captain David Mellino.